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KPH Hits Milestone In Kansas City Pump Station Project

October 12, 2021
Kansas City pump station concrete pour

Back in March, KPH started a new project at the United States Army Corps of Engineers Argentine Unit pump station in Kansas City, Kansas. The work called for the upgrades and building of pump stations for a critical piece of the levee unit protection system in the city. If you need a refresher, check out the kick-off blog here.

With the holes now dug for both the Argentine Pump Station and the Strong Ave Pump Stations, KPH has started its way back up out of the ground. The base slab for the Argentine Pump Station is to be poured in nine different sections. With the first four sections complete, KPH has already placed approximately 435 cubic yards of concrete on just the base slab alone.

At the Strong Ave Pump Station, KPH has begun forming and preparing to place the concrete now that the mud slab is in, and the site is ready. There are still many weeks and even more yards of concrete to go before a building arises out of the ground, but this is a critical and exciting milestone. Kansas City has been great to us so far!