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KPH Pumping Out New Work in Kansas City

March 08, 2021
KPH Kansas City pump station

KPH Construction is taking its services across state borders. Work is already underway at the United States Army Corps of Engineers Argentine Unit pump station in Kansas City, Kansas. This project calls for the upgrades and building of pump stations for a critical piece of the levee unit protection system in Kansas City.

The project has kicked off with the Turner Avenue pump station, which requires the least amount of work to be done. However, it is receiving one of the heaviest single pieces of structure on the entire project. KPH Construction is installing a 60,000-pound monolithic precast concrete extension to raise the height of the existing pump station. 

This extension is to increase the capacity and head pressure of the pump station, which will accommodate a future levee upgrade the U.S. Army Corps is currently planning. As part of this scope, KPH Construction is installing new galvanized railings, platforms, gratings and ladders for safe access and maintenance of the pump station’s gate valve system.

By quickly knocking out the work to be done at the Turner Avenue pump station, KPH Construction can turn its full attention to the two new pump stations set to be constructed. Sheet piling and deep foundation excavation is slated to begin in a few short weeks. Talk about getting the heavy lifting out of the way first.