New Café for New Berlin West

January 20, 2020

KPH Construction continues its work for the School District of New Berlin. In addition significant repairs to the structural walls and a fully remodeled library and media center at Eisenhower Middle/High School, KPH also completed work at New Berlin West Middle/High School. 
By transforming the existing Idea and Learning Center, KPH crews built a unique café that fits seamlessly into common areas. This café provides students with an exciting coffee shop experience easily accessible between classes.
The café is part of the school’s curriculum as a teacher-led program that allows students to plan menu items, run and organize the café, and serve fellow students throughout the school day.

With the café being the focal point of the project and the real draw for the students, KPH was also able to transform underutilized spaces as part of the buildout. An existing unused work room was remodeled into a new storage area for the café and a sleek new conference room now supports larger meetings.

KPH Completes Construction for Wisconsin Air National Guard

January 8, 2020

KPH recently completed construction on an Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) Cold Storage Building for the 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field. The Wisconsin Air National Guard needed a facility to store ECM technology: devices used on military planes to trick enemy detection or targeting. Cold storage refers to an unheated building, not necessarily refrigerated space. 

Mobilized in October 2018, the project was put on hold over the winter after unforeseen site conditions occurred. Unsuitable soils, high water table and deteriorating manholes forced a halt in the process due to the upcoming increased winter protection costs. During the downtime, KPH worked through the early issues to hit the ground running in April 2019. The project was finally completed in November 2019. 

The job was to construct a 6,500 square foot pre-engineered metal building for the storage of ECM devices and materials of the 115th Fighter Wing. The work included site excavation and grading, new concrete foundations and slabs, rework of underground utilities, new asphalt paving, adjustments to existing security fencing, dry pipe sprinkler system, new electrical, landscape restoration and more. 

The project also involved the temporary disconnect and reinstallation of a critical security line that serves the airfield. This security line feeds a highly sensitive intrusion detection loop buried beneath the perimeter, detecting motion to warn against unauthorized “visitors” to the military base. All of this could not have been done without close coordination and efficient utilization of winter downtime. 

KPH Hired by Department of Military Affairs

December 11, 2019

KPH is queued up to replace 8 existing bi-fold hangar doors for the Department of Military Affairs in Madison, Wisconsin. The hangar to receive new doors specifically houses Black Hawk helicopters and other military support helicopters. The existing doors, installed in the 1950s, are 64’ wide by 24’ tall and in serious need of replacement. With work kicking off in April of 2020, the existing doors will be decommissioned, demolished, and hauled off for recycling and disposal. Each new door will receive a sheet metal siding exterior skin to match the current building while the interior face will receive insulated liner panels. The doors will have an integrated pedestrian access point complete with high-level security control measures. The project will also consist of interior structural rework to accommodate the new doors, including interior finishes such as painting and new epoxy flooring, as well as electrical rework and upgrades.

The project will take place on an active military installation and just off a fully active airfield. With decades of experience and clearance with the highest levels of the government, KPH is fully prepared for the close coordination and communication with the client to ensure safety and security measures to protect military personnel and workers. 

KPH Repairs Structural Walls at Eisenhower Middle/High School

December 5, 2019

Working within a tight time frame to get the project completed with zero disruption to classrooms and teaching spaces, KPH Construction was hired to repair two sections of exterior walls at Eisenhower Middle/High School. The building’s North and East exterior walls were structurally failing, a serious risk to building integrity and occupant safety. The job required KPH to have extensive structural shoring in place to support the first floor and roof sections prior to the walls being removed. Once those were in place, the demolition and removal of the existing walls took place. A new wall was constructed to match existing construction but also incorporate more modern construction methods and structural support. 

The project scope included the temporary disconnect and reinstallation of vertical HVAC systems, electrical components and ceilings. New windows were also provided in the repaired wall sections along with exterior landscaping and other interior finishes such as painting and millwork were also included. KPH was able to get both wall sections down, new interior structural walls built, and classrooms opened back up completely in less than two months despite a few unexpected challenges. At the project’s completion, KPH was happy to be able to return money to the School District for unused scope allowances.

2019 Wisconsin Asbestos Conference

October 31, 2019

KPH Environmental is proud to once again participate in the Wisconsin Asbestos Conference. Scheduled for December 5 and 6, 2019 at The Chula Vista Resort at the Wisconsin Dells, the conference is a must-attend event for any contractor, consultant, building or facility owner or manager, architect, trainer, inspector or individuals part of the regulatory community. 

Early registration rates expire on November 15. To register, click here.

KPH Environmental Remains Busy Through the 4th Quarter

October 31, 2019

2019 has been a busy year for KPH Environmental with projects throughout the state. Our environmental team has been retained as a subcontractor under Gueling Waste Removal & Demolition LLC, a Fond du Lac based company. KPH crews are also assisting Vassh Excavating & Grading a Caledonia-based company, with remediation and demolition of over 70 parcels located in the village of Mt Pleasant.

Our environmental group also continues to provide support to Kapur and Associates, Inc., owner’s rep to the Village of Mt Pleasant for the Foxconn project. KPH has been hired as a subcontractor to remove all DNR-required, asbestos-containing materials prior to mechanical demolition. As always, our crews work closely with regulators to provide compliance in providing a clean structure to be removed, making way for the new Foxconn buildings.

KPH Set to Start on $40 Million Pump Station Project

October 15, 2019

KPH Construction, Corp. is proud to announce we are teaming up with Michels Corporation for work on the Kansas City Flood Risk Management project at the Argentine Unit Pump Stations. This $40 million design-build project consists of replacing two main pump stations and performing modifications to a third pump station. 

The overall purpose of the project is to improve the levee safety by reducing the risk of failure in the line of protection at the three pump station locations. As a key team member in this project, KPH is tasked with the management of the vertical construction work. This will include the construction of the new pump stations and the structural modifications and alterations necessary for the third pump station. Design is underway and construction is expected to begin in 2020.

Building Our Team

September 12, 2019

KPH is proud to announce a number of new team members who bring a wide variety of talents to the company. Meet Jay Carey, Colleen Lake, and Jan Barr. In addition to expertise in the construction industry, can you guess which one is a beekeeper? A scratch golfer? A barbershop quartet singer? Read below!


Jay Carey 
Jay is KPH’s newest Project Manager and took no time to dive into a variety of highly visible projects. He is currently overseeing KPH’s work at the 115th Refueling Wing in Madison including the Arm/Disarm Ramp, and a new Cold Storage building. In addition, Jay is managing work at the Air National Guard’s 128th Refueling Wing in Milwaukee for the construction of a new fire station.

Jay is no stranger to large-scale projects. He brings experience in commercial construction project management for such projects as Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field, the construction of U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, various healthcare projects in the Chicago area, and a number of financial institutions around the country.

When Jay isn’t coordinating building at work, he and his wife are busy remodeling their new home. Jay enjoys golfing, defending the title in his bowling league and singing in a barbershop quartet.


Colleen Lake

Colleen joined KPH Construction as Assistant Project Manager/Project Superintendent after working in residential construction. She assists our PMs with sales, estimating and project management, along with site support and administrative assistance.

Colleen brings a diverse background to KPH with experience in construction-related industries including real estate, custom fabrication, architectural photography and project management.

Outside of the office, Colleen loves her dogs, family, home and backyard beekeeping. She enjoys boating and fishing in summer and cooking and building in winter. Colleen volunteers with the Iron Angels BUILD Team. She and her family have fostered 75 dogs over 10 years for Cairn Rescue USA saving many worthy animals from euthanasia in overcrowded shelters.


Jan Barr
Jan serves as Controller for KPH Construction and KPH Environmental, where he manages all financial reporting and analysis for KPH companies including SA Herbst, our environmental training division.

Jan is a seasoned professional in the area of accounting and finance. He previously served in the finance department for Hydrite Chemical Co. for 29 years, working in a number of roles from Senior Financial Manager to Controller.

When Jan isn’t studying numbers in the office, he’s keeping that tally low on the scorecard as an avid golfer.

Celebrating 20 Years!

June 4, 2019

We are proud to be celebrating 20 years in business this year. On behalf of the entire KPH organization, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to our loyal customers, many of whom we’ve built long-standing partnerships over many years.

I am truly blessed to have a wonderful team including my two brothers Kert and Ken, and all of our dedicated associates – some of whom have been with me since the beginning. With them, along with our customers, vendors and subcontractors, KPH will continue to work throughout the Midwest and New York with commercial contracting, construction management and environmental services.

To read our feature which recently ran in the Daily Reporter, please click here.

Thank you!

Keith P. Harenda, President and CEO

Creating Opportunities for New Berlin Students

April 25, 2019

The New Berlin School District has enlisted the KPH to create a unique café space at New Berlin West Middle/High School. This new café will be integrated into the existing Idea and Learning Center at the school and will provide students with a Starbucks-like experience right at their own campus.

The café will be utilized as a teacher-led program allowing students to plan menu items, run and organize the café, and serve fellow students throughout the school day.

KPH is taking advantage of a late school spring break to get the major demolition taken care of so once the school year ends, the project can begin in earnest. Demolition includes removing CMU walls, acoustical ceilings and existing flooring to open up the space and accommodate the new café. The rest of the project will consist of new LVT flooring throughout the area, a new storage area for the café, and build out of a new conference room/meeting area.

KPH renovates high-tech offices for the HHS Inspector General

April 3, 2019
KPH is nearing the completion of the 4th floor suite renovation for the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General to allow for an on-time tenant move in later this month. The former courtroom as been transformed into a sleek and secure new office space. As part of the renovation, KPH managed all elements of high security, including  perimeter walls outfitted with a heavy-duty wire security mesh, installation of bullet-resistant and sound-proof doors, construction of wire mesh partitions for secure storage, and installation of an intricate intrusion detection and access control security system.
Along with all of the security components, the space has also received a fresh new look with new partition walls, acoustical ceilings, new flooring, and modern break room. KPH powered through the government shutdown during this project and kept the schedule on track. Proper planning and communication with the architect minimized the effects of the shutdown. KPH is in the final stages of finishes and mechanical installation, and the space is prepared for the installation of all the workstations and furniture.


Progress Continues at the 128th Air Refueling Wing

January 21, 2019

KPH Construction continues work at the Air National Guard 128th Air Refueling Wing, managing the renovation and addition to Building 621 Fire Station.

Crews recently set the precast concrete panels for the second floor addition on the project. This will allow the second floor construction to be completed and lead to completion of the steel framing and overall building super structure.

Work at the fire station will continue through the winter, with the project slated for completion in the summer of 2019, allowing the base better emergency response time to the 128th Air Refueling Wing and General Mitchell International Airport operations.


KPH’s work at the historic federal courthouse

December 17, 2018
Over the past ten years, KPH Construction has been honored to complete extensive work at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee. Our projects have encompassed the original courthouse building, constructed in 1890 and an addition constructed in 1920. Considering the age and significance of the buildings, KPH works with a team of Historic Preservationists who strive to maintain or restore public spaces to their original form. Because the courthouse is an active facility used every day for judicial proceedings, our work is carefully executed and designed to meet the modern needs of today’s federal government.”
Currently, KPH is managing two new projects. The first is a renovation of an existing 5th floor suite to provide a fully functional space for the Social Security Administration’s Cooperative Disability Investigation program. The selective demolition includes protection of historic elements and construction and extensive lead and asbestos abatement. In the end, KPH crews will restore the suite, complete with all the upgrades to make this historic space feel brand new.
The second project that KPH is poised and ready to start is the renovation of an existing 4th floor suite for the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General. The renovation will see the build out of an interview room, firearm storage, evidence rooms, and an open office space. The suite will have a robust security and intrusion detection system installed to protect the sensitive items and work being conducted in this office. With the use of modern technology and finishes, the occupants might easily forget they are working in a building well over one hundred years old.
Cleared at the highest levels of the federal government, KPH is proud to serve as a trusted contractor to the GSA.

Project Takes Off

August 27, 2018
Construction is underway for Avflight at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport. Avflight is a privately-owned company serving the global aviation industry with a network of professional, full-service FBOs serving general and commercial aviation.
With a growing portfolio of aviation projects, KPH is proudly overseeing construction and management of Avflight’s 3,300 square foot addition of its existing private aviation operation located at GMI. Ground breaking commenced on July 2 and started with foundation pour over the first weeks. KPH Construction will continue the one-acre site improvement and additions over the next few months with a completion scheduled for October 2018.

Fire Station Addition/Renovation Project Underway

August 3, 2018

The combined expertise of KPH Construction and KPH Environmental are deployed again at the Air National Guard 128th Air Refueling Wing. Both divisions are managing the renovation and addition to Building 621 Fire Station.

Since 2005, the 128th Fire Dept. has been operating out of dual facilities between the old station remaining from the 440th and the existing current station at the 128th.  The project will provide current emergency response amenities and allow the base to consolidate its resources for better emergency response to 128th Air Refueling WIng and General Mitchell International Airport operations.

Demolition commenced in June 2018 and construction will continue through the winter of 2018/2019. The project is slated for completion in the summer of 2019.

Photo credit: 128th Refueling Wing


Creating Safe Environments at Milwaukee Public Schools

July 11, 2018

Since 2010 KPH Environmental Corp. has worked with Milwaukee Public Schools to bring their aging and sometimes historic buildings up to energy efficiency. This work often precedes construction projects to upgrade buildings for today’s modern usage. That work continues with new projects at Milwaukee Parkside School of the Arts and Vincent High School.

At Parkside, KPH crews are performing asbestos abatement work located on 2969 South Howell Avenue which started in June. The work  includes asbestos pipe insulation, floor tile and mastic, and 16 flanges removed to make way for new unit vents. The project is ahead of schedule on finishing work.

Additional asbestos abatement work started in May at Vincent located at 7501 Granville Road in Milwaukee. The scope of work includes abatement of 223 VAV boxes with asbestos seam coating, 380 asbestos-containing flanges, 3 sinks with asbestos under coating and the elevator flooring.

Both projects are taking place over the summer vacation. While scheduled for completion in September 2018, both projects are ahead of schedule, which is greatly appreciated by the general contractors and MPS.

No Job Too Big or Too Small…

July 10, 2018

With graduation season in full swing, New Berlin West High School was in need of some improvements to its existing Performing Arts Center exterior canopy on a short time frame. With a hard deadline in place, KPH Construction swung into action and teamed up with a local roofing and sheet metal shop to custom infill its canopy system. With the system complete in a little under a week, New Berlin West was able to hold its graduation ceremony as scheduled and without interruption. These smaller, quick-turn projects are what we mean when we say KPH is the right size contractor for the right size project.

Taking General Mitchell to New Heights

June 6, 2018

KPH is thrilled to announce the that we will be overseeing the general construction and management of a 3,300 sq ft addition for an existing private aviation operation located at GMIA. The multi-million dollar project includes site infrastructure, a masonry building shell equipped with design/built MEPs, and an executive level buildout for both passengers and crew members.


With plans to break ground in June of 2018, the project is slated for completion by this fall. Combined with the Concourse D Remodel at GMIA (2010) and multiple projects for the 128th Air Refueling Wing located at GMIA (2010 & 2016), this project continues to add to KPH’s growing resume of aviation experience. For more information about our past airport projects, click here.


Rending provided by Bowers + Associates and Avfuel Corporation.

KPH improvements at Boxhorn Gun Club

April 17, 2018

Tradesmen and sportsmen are often one and the same, cut from the same cloth. KPH Construction is no exception to these complementary passions, home to both talented construction professionals and avid sportsmen, alike. Which is why when Boxhorn Gun Club reached out for help in constructing their new 5-Stand Trailer, KPH answered the call.

In the spring of 2017, Boxhorn witnessed the destruction of their existing 5-stand trailer due to a tornado that ripped through the Muskego area. Since then, Boxhorn has bounced back and restored its facility. However, due to overwhelming popularity, a second trailer was needed.

To date, KPH has donated over 40 hours and thousands of dollars to assist in improvements such as the construction of a second trailer, which came on line this past February. KPH is proud to partner with Boxhorn Gun Club, its members, and our community of fellow conservationists and sportsmen.

Wauwatosa Crowne Plaza gets new look

April 17, 2018

KPH Construction recently complete remodeling the lobby at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wauwatosa, WI. The work included a new “Marketplace” area for grab-and-go items, remodeling of an existing conference room, and various other finishes to the space.

Other enhancement guests will find include a new customer rail in the bar area, new collaboration pods, and a variety of other upgraded finishes and new furnishings throughout the lobby. The Marketplace was installed and designed to fit the new FLEX program that is being instituted across all Crowne Plazas but also provides a much more open and contemporary feel to the space. The conference room was converted into a meeting space for groups, giving more flexibility for collaboration and idea sharing.  



KPH Environmental now certified in tank removal

April 11, 2018

Site preparation and demolition work can lead to the discovery of buried full tanks. The work requires a specialist and it;s best if the same crew managing demo can step in and properly handle tank removal.

KPH Environmental is now certified to self-perform any tank removal and or cleaning going forward, thanks to Craig Dekutowski who received his license from the Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Craig serves as KPH’s designated supervisor in this area.

Fuel tank removal involves plans, permits, paperwork, and logistics of this specialized work. After fuel tanks are removed and emptied, KPH crews pressure wash the inside with wash water that is taken offsite by a vacuum truck. Old tank are then properly disposed of in a scrap metal facility.

Whether tank removal is planned or comes as a surprise, KPH is able to step in manage this highly regulated process.

A New Secure Garage for Kenosha County Sheriffs

February 5, 2018

After nearly a month of finishing touches, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department can finally occupy their new garage facility.  KPH crews have completed the 16,000-square-foot secure facility, atop a two-acre parcel co-located at the Kenosha County Detention Center. The secure facility provides storage for the department’s suite of specialized vehicles and equipment, as well as a dedicated area for investigations.  KPH is proud to serve the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and its deputies. We look forward to future work within the Kenosha community.

More KPH projects at the 128th Air Refueling Wing

December 21, 2017

The 128th Air Refueling Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard has had a long and illustrious record of service to the State of Wisconsin and the United States of America. KPH Construction is proud to share in that history, starting in 2011 when we built their new state-of-the-art facility and hangar at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

Most recently, KPH repaired the parking shed that resulted from fire damage and completed a roof replacement. Unseasonably rainy weather meant the project got off to a slow start, but KPH worked with our roofing contractors to ensure all aspects were weathertight at the slightest change of precipitation.

Partnering with civil engineers, KPH also worked closely to design and construct the repaving of the north end of Tanker Avenue. Due to a degraded, clogged, and undersized main culvert, heavy rains caused flooding of the north end of the wing’s parking area. Our crews also completed repairs and replacement of the property’s curbs, gutters, and sidewalks, which involved landscape restoration, asphalt patching, and joint sealing.
With these property enhancements in place, the 128th Air Refueling Wing can be better prepared to accomplish its missions of proving refueling support to Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and allied nation aircraft. KPH is honored to be part of that preparedness.


Photo credit: Air National Guard www.128arw.ang.af.mil/News/Photos/igphoto/2000071355/

Paving Continues at Kenosha Sheriff’s Garage

November 22, 2017

Solid production continues over the last few days for KPH Construction in Kenosha. With the holiday weekend looming and hunting season in full swing, crews remain strong and work fastidiously and furiously to emplace the interior slab-on-grade concrete and binder course for the new Sheriff’s garage.  With pavement in place, follow-on trades will be able to work quickly to establish interior services to the new building. KPH remains on pace to open the garage by December.

Historic Restoration Project Nears Completion

November 22, 2017

On the day before Thanksgiving, KPH Construction set the final window sashes at Washington High School along historic Sherman Boulevard.  KPH partnered with Milwaukee Public Schools for six months on the nearly $1million historic restoration project. The effort kicked off in June 2017 and included complete restoration of 168 windows over four stories.

Built in 1912, and home to now more than 1,000 students and staff, Washington High School boasts a beautifully ornate façade that serves as the face of the Sherman Park community. But after 100 years of weathering, the building required restoration of its original wood windows that garnish the east elevation.

Despite inclement weather, laborious abatement of years of hazardous materials, and various logistical challenges, KPH was able to work with MPS and Washington High School to safely and successfully execute its work while the school remained occupied and classes in session.  The project is currently on budget and on schedule, slated for completion in December, so that windows are ready for Wisconsin’s cold winter and generations of students to come.


Elements are no match for the crew

November 10, 2017

Neither early snow nor frigid Wisconsin temperatures could not stop KPH Construction crews from completing installation of the last of the roof panels on the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Garage on this week.  The 16,000-square foot pre-engineered building will provide amenities to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, their deputies and vehicles.  The project is on schedule and slated for completion by December of 2017.

KPH renovates Police Administration Building while remaining open

November 10, 2017

Scenes of a bustling police department proliferate movies and TV shows and are common to all of us, but actually managing a major construction project while officers continue to work is quite another.

Such was the case when KPH Construction managed renovation of the entire 4th floor of the Police Administration Building in downtown Milwaukee. The project included new offices for Police Chiefs, new open offices for detectives and officers, new interrogation and questioning rooms, a new evidence packaging and drying area, and several new conference rooms. The project involved extensive electrical and data upgrades, a completely new HVAC system, integration into the building automation system, new energy-efficient windows and upgraded termal insulation of the exterior walls.

From complete demolish and environmental abatement to finish carpentry, millwork and furniture installation, KPH managed all facets of the project.

“The main challenge was coordination of materials and manpower in a crowded downtown location. There was little room for material storage within the 10-story building which was fully operational during construction,” said Keith Harenda. “Our crew also encountered unforeseen asbestos which they are trained to do. This required partial and even full shut down of the project to properly remediate.”

In order to avoid significant delays, KPH coordinated phasing to keep the project on track.

“We’re proud of the work completed that few people see but in a building that is so vital to keeping our community safe,” added Harenda.


KPH works with state legislators to change Wisconsin lead regulations

March 14, 2016

For the past year, we at KPH Construction and KPH Environmental have worked with state legislators to clarify rules regarding lead paint while maintaining safety for homeowners. This issue affects all owners, contractors and consultants in Wisconsin that work on properties with where lead paint may be present. In December, Assembly Bill 257 / Senate Bill 178 were signed into law by Governor Scott Walker.

The law was initiated after KPH was wrongly cited for non-compliance during work on General Mitchell Airport’s Noise Management Program. Rather than pay a small $1,500 fine, KPH steadfastly worked to change the law so we and all contractors who work in the State of Wisconsin could continue to follow clear guidelines by the Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services (DHS) Division of Public Health. The matter now clarifies DHS’s Lead and Asbestos Section to allow a partial inspection not require testing for lead paint when a home is already undergoing lead paint abatement renovation using the highest level of lead safe protocols.

“This is a huge victory for our company, the industry and homeowners alike,” said Keith P. Harenda. “We sought clarity from the DHS during the early stages of the Noise Management Program and at that time the agency specified that if one were to assume all materials were lead containing and work was conducted in a lead safe manner, no testing was required. KPH followed lead safe renovation procedures in all cases, regardless of the whether lead paint was present.”

Because KPH worked throughout the multi-year project to ensure that homeowners were not exposed to hazards, including lead, we vowed to fight the citations and work with members of the Wisconsin legislature to help draft changes to the State of Wisconsin statutes.

“While we could have simply paid a small fine, we chose to protect our good name and reputation and eliminate future confusion in the interest of all contractors that work in the area of environmental testing and abatement,” said Keith.

The public affairs effort was lead by Kert Harenda, Ken Harenda and Dean Jacobsen all of KPH Environmental. Ken added, “As an employer and a trainer in lead safe renovation certifications, KPH is committed to thoroughly understanding and following state and federal laws related to our work in this area. We’re pleased that DHS and our elected officials took the time to understand the need for clarity to change this law.”

School upgrades to address today’s modern education

March 4, 2016

KPH Construction recently completed the Media Center at New Berlin Eisenhower High School. The project is part of KPH’s Owner’s Representative contract for the School District of New Berlin to manage up to $3 million in general facilities and $7 million of energy projects.

The Media Center completely upgraded the high school’s much-used library to offer functional work spaces, modern media stations with easy access to AV equipment and private desk areas all in an effort to meet the needs of today’s mobile and highly connected students. KPH’s work included painting, hardware and door frames, contemporary carpeting, bathroom accessories and improved lighting. Now complete, the new Media Center gives Eisenhower one of the finest facilities for its students.

Next up is KPH’s work for New Berlin West High School. As part of the contract, KPH will remodel the school’s Café, Library and Rotunda, from demolition, plumbing, mechanicals, and electrical, to new construction, finishes and appliances. For the new IT Help area, KPH will redesign and remodel the IT Offices and IT Storage.

As an alum of New Berlin Eisenhower, KPH owner and CEO Keith Harenda is particularly proud of the work his company is doing. “It feels great to improve the schools that gave me a good start in life.”

Asbestos Networking Reception

November 17, 2015



THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10 // 6-7 p.m.

The night before the annual Wisconsin Asbestos Seminar
Glacier Canyon Lodge & Conference Center
45 Hillman Road
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
(The Canyon Ridge Taproom, located on level 1 of the main lobby building.)

Offering an open bar and pizzas
Open to consultants, abatement contractors, training professionals, facility managers, demolition contractors and other asbestos-related professionals looking to build relationships within the industry.

Download the 2015 Asbestos Seminar Agenda

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Resources for small and emerging construction businesses

October 16, 2015

If you own a small business in construction or related industries, this event can help you grow. Join us, in partnership with ECBI and The Daily Reporter, on November 12, from 7:30 a.m.-noon to discuss a host of beneficial topics from guest speakers.

To register here or call Jenny Byington at 414.225.1803.

7:30 a.m.
Registration and continental breakfast

8:00 a.m.
Effectively using LinkedIn to Promote your Business
Presented by Wayne Dein of Sandler Training

9:15 a.m.
The Top 50 Construction Apps
Presented by Joe Yovino, Editor of The Daily Reporter

9:45 a.m.
Financing Your Business
Presented by the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC)

10:45 a.m.
Teaming 101: Growing Business through Partnerships
Presented by the Wisconsin Procurement, ECBI and KPH Construction

WWBIC Conference Room
1533 N Rivercenter Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Free parking

$25 per person
includes continental breakfast

To register here or call Jenny Byington at 414.225.1803.

New projects at the Milwaukee Police Administrative Building

September 29, 2015

After more than a year of work by KPH Environmental completing demolition and removing asbestos from the downtown Milwaukee Police Administration Building, our construction crews will take on significant renovations. The scope includes structural, architectural, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC and electrical work as well as a new Direct Digital Control system extended to the building’s automation system and new surveillance cameras in this high-security building. We’re honored to continue our work for the Milwaukee Police Department and contribute the the safety and security of our community.

The Center of a Community

September 3, 2015

The Village of Greendale has entrusted KPH Construction to construct Phase II of the community’s Cultural Center in the historic downtown. The Cultural Center, affectionately known as The Hose Tower, is an iconic building constructed in 1939 as an Annex to the original fire station to dry their hoses and provide additional storage.

Today, our team of experienced professionals is conducting an interior and exterior renovation of the 2,028 sf building to serve as a modern Cultural Center for the many needs of the community, its businesses and residents.

All part of KPH Education Division’s commitment to restoring, rebuilding and modernizing our schools and community resources.

Learn more

2015 Wisconsin Asbestos Seminar

August 26, 2015

The 2015 Wisconsin Asbestos Seminar will be on Friday, December 11, 2015 at the Glacier Canyon Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. This year’s theme, “Back to the Basics” will be an invaluable refresher on many of the core components of asbestos management that are critically important to safe, compliant, and cost-effective asbestos abatement projects.

Whether you are an established industry professional or new to the asbestos industry, this seminar is a “can’t miss” event. Any asbestos abatement project, large or small, must comply with numerous Federal, State, and local laws and regulations that deal with construction, health, safety, and environmental standards. Failure to comply with any of these rules can cause job delays, fines and increased costs, health, safety, and environmental hazards, or a complete project shut down.

Scheduled sessions at the 2015 seminar will highlight best practices for essential project fundamentals—demolition practices, inspections, violations and fines, and other key elements of asbestos abatement. In addition to a full day of educational seminars, the event is also a great place to network with industry professionals and catch up with industry colleagues.

Attendees include Federal, State, and regional regulators, asbestos trainers, abatement companies, general contractors and demolition companies, real estate developers, building owners, facility managers, consultants and architects, as well as product vendors. The 2014 seminar saw a record turnout, and the 2015 seminar is on track to do the same.

Pre-Register by November 15, 2015 to secure your spot.

Vendors can register here.

Greendale School District Considers Construction Projects

April 3, 2015

The Greendale School Board heard a long-range facilities planning report on March 2 from KPH Construction that assessed the current and future needs of the GDS properties. Estimates from KPH for the work range from $12,640,223 to $26,255,812 for the improvements and upgrades.

“In order to continue to maintain our facilities in great condition for the future and meet the learning environment needs of our students, the district must from time to time assess the condition of its buildings and grounds, and plan for improvements. As you know, our last referendum (sic) was in 2007 to remodel GHS.” – Director of Business Erin Green

School districts today are challenged with facility decisions that range from renovation and repurposing of existing space to new construction. KPH is actively involved in helping schools make sound and cost-effective decisions. The goal in educational facilities is to balance cost with long-range planning, functional design, quality construction and communication. Learn more about our Education Department and Services.

Project Update: The Wisconsin International Academy

April 3, 2015

Progress continues at the Wisconsin International Academy (WIA) as KPH recently transformed the pool building into a new gym for the students at the facility. The in-ground pool was inherited by WIA when they purchased the property from the Days Inn hotel. The gym now allows for a recreational area for the students to play basketball, badminton and volleyball.

The Wisconsin International Academy provides housing and English-language classes for students attending Martin Luther, Pius XI, Dominican, Catholic Memorial and St. Thomas More high schools.

Small Businesses Tapping Into Big Contracts

April 3, 2015

Join KPH, ECBI and The Daily Reporter on Wednesday, November 12 for a small business seminar and networking opportunity. Companies that are interested in bidding on government projects or partnering with primes to bid on government projects are encouraged to attend.

$10 tickets include continental breakfast and a one-month subscription to the Daily Reporter.

Register here.

8 a.m.: Continental breakfast
8:30 a.m.: Learning how to work with the GSA Public Buildings (Presented by Wisconsin Procurement Institute)
9:30 a.m.: Opportunities with the EPA
10:30 a.m.: Tapping into the Wisconsin Department of Transportation
11:30 a.m.: Marketing your Emerging Business (Presented by Company B Brand Marketing)

Wednesday, November 12
8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
ECBI Training Room
1237 West Bruce Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

April 3, 2015

This year’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week theme, “Lead-Free Kids for a Healthy Future,” focuses on the importance of reducing a child’s exposure to lead and prevent its serious health effects.

Today, childhood lead poisoning is considered the most preventable environmental disease among young children, yet approximately half a million U.S. children have blood lead levels above 5 micrograms per deciliter, the reference level at which Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends public health actions be initiated. A simple blood test can prevent permanent damage that will last a lifetime. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), CDC, is committed to eliminating this burden to public health.

Interested in helping the cause? Spread the word and learn more here.

KPH Takes On Another Hospitality Project In Wisconsin

April 3, 2015

KPH Environmental has been awarded a contract by Market & Johnson to manage complete asbestos abatement of an eight-story hotel in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Formerly the Ramada Convention Center, the hotel located at 205 South Barstow is being redeveloped by Pablo Properties, a group of local Eau Claire investors led by the founder and co-CEO of JAMF Software, Zach Halmstad. KPH Environmental will manage the demolition and abatement of approximately 100,000 square feet of existing stud walls, ceilings and roof materials. The work will allow Market & Johnson crews to begin on general construction of the future Lismore Hotel.

The Eau Claire project adds to KPH’s recent expansion into hospitality, which includes Black Sheep, the Wisconsin International Academy and the much-anticipated Hotel Northland in Green bay, Wisconsin.

“Hospitality is an exciting sector and involves all of the disciplines we have performed for years in commercial construction, healthcare, government and education. We look forward to identifying additional hotel projects throughout the country.” – Keith H. Harenda, KPH founder and owner

Making A Statement

April 3, 2015

Like any company, we’re proud of our work. KPH Construction and KPH Environmental have had the privilege of working on tremendous projects in our 15 year history. From hospitals and commercial developments to schools and government buildings, our projects have resulted in client satisfaction and some terrific photos along the way. So we decided to create a gallery in our entrance.

Stop by any time to take a look and let us tell you the story behind each of these great projects.

New Project: Minton-Capehart Federal Building

April 3, 2015

KPH is proud to announce the contracting of the Minton-Capehart Federal Building in Indianapolis, IN. Work will include the renovation and reconfiguring of the 2,220 square-foot interior office space, located at the 2nd floor of the Federal Building. The project consists of interior demolition and construction to provide an open office space for workstations and other office rooms. Other general construction work includes the installation of new carpet tile and flooring, new doors and frames, split system AC, HVAC ductwork modification, security systems, recessed lighting fixtures, and the installation of fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Work on the Federal Building is set to begin in October.

New Project: General Mitchell International Airport

April 3, 2015

KPH has been tasked with repairing the concrete pavements of the Air Refueling Wing at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, WI. The civil project is set to repair the area that the planes use to enter and exit the tarmac include partial and full-depth replacement of concrete pavement, the resealing of cracks and new pavement markings. KPH has worked with Mitchell International before on the airport’s Area Noise Management Program. Work on the Mitchell Airport has already begun.

KPH sponsors Newsmakers of the Year Event

April 3, 2015

KPH, along with the ECBI, are once again proud to sponsor the Daily Reporter’s Newsmakers of the Year event in the category of Emerging Businesses. The Daily Reporter looks for leaders from across Wisconsin, from every level of construction, design and development, that have led the industry in a positive direct. All winners will be honored in October’s special dinner awards event on Thursday, October 16.

View last years highlights:

You can view this years categories here.

KPH named General Contractor for Hotel Northland

April 3, 2015

KPH Construction is excited to officially announce our latest project – General Contractor for Hotel Northland in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

In 1924, famed hotel architect Herbert W. Tullgren designed the Tudor Revival style grand hotel which became the place for social events, debutant balls, and home for Packer greats Curley Lambeau and Barr Starr. But over time, chain hotels took over and Green Bay went the way of other smaller U.S. markets – a city of limited-service branded hotels meant to provide basic lodging and accommodations.

Along with co-developer Frantz Community Investors (FCI), KPH will lead the historic restoration project with the goal of designing a hotel that is embraced by locals and a destination for business and leisure travelers.

Read more about the project at Hotel Northland’s temporary website and by connecting on Twitter.

KPH tapped for the new International Academy in Wauwatosa

April 3, 2015

KPH Construction is proud to announce it is the Construction Manager for fire protection of the new Wisconsin International Academy (WIA) in Wauwatosa. The WIA, a teaching and student housing center for foreign students attending local high schools, will be located in the former Days Inn hotel at 11811 West Blue Mound Road in Wauwatosa.

KPH Construction is tasked with providing sprinklers, as well as removing and replacing the roof. Our team will work with the WIA on design, budgets and bidding of additional and forthcoming renovations to the site and building. The full renovation, which will be completed this summer, includes converting the rooms to housing, filling the indoor pool to make a gym, and erecting a metal perimeter fence. The 127-room facility expects to have 150 students, mostly from China, in residence by the end of summer.

We are honored to be working with the Wisconsin International Academy and, led by our own Vice President of Education Dr. Matt Gibson, are bring experience in facilities renovations to this quick-turn project.

 – Keith P. Harenda, President and CEO of KPH Construction.

The international academy, based in Glendale, houses and provides English-language classes for students attending Martin Luther, Pius XI, Dominican, Catholic Memorial and St. Thomas More high schools.

KPH Construction partners with MATC & the YouthBuild Program

April 3, 2015

KPH Construction has partnered with Milwaukee Area Technical College to support the asbestos hiring needs of construction companies in the Milwaukee community through the YouthBuild program. YouthBuild is a community-based alternative education program for at-risk youth between the ages of 16 and 24.

KPH will work directly with Habitat for Humanity, Journey House and other non-profit organizations by teaching technical construction skills to YouthBuild participants; providing mentoring activities and scholarships; and working with other construction companies to support the YouthBuild program in the same capacity.

Skill building and specialized job training are what our community needs to move ahead.

– Keith P. Harenda, President and CEO of KPH Construction

Grow Your Emerging Business

April 3, 2015

On May 1st, KPH Construction along with the Emerging Construction Business Incubator (ECBI) will sponsor a small business networking, marketing and training workshop hosted by The Daily Reporter. Publisher of The Daily Reporter Ann Richmond will welcome attendants followed by panel discussions including Marketing Your Emerging Business, Training to Expand Your Services and Opportunities for Government Contracts hosted by local experts in their field.

The workshop will be held at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and includes a continental breakfast and a networking lunch “speed dating” with topic experts.

To register click here or call Sarah McQuin at 414.225.1814.

KPH takes national honors in construction marketing

April 3, 2015

In 2013, KPH Construction set out to rebrand itself. Founded in 1999, the company’s marketing needed to reflect its current scope of services and breadth of experience. The year-long effort resulted in everything from a new website to graphics on our fleet of trucks and vans.

We’re pleased to announce that KPH was recently recognized by the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) annual STAR™ Awards for excellence in marketing. KPH was the recipient of the 2013 SUPERSTAR Award for Sales Collateral and 2013 STAR Award for Brand Standards.

“KPH Construction was recognized as the winner in two categories among a field of national competitors within the construction industry,” stated CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown. “The CMA STAR Awards showcase the very best in marketing, effectiveness and creative execution.”

We’re thrilled by the recognition. Check out our award-winning collateral produced by Company B Brand Marketing in Milwaukee.

KPH Completes Black Sheep MKE

April 3, 2015

How do you prove to developers that you can bring a major project in on time and under budget?

By doing just that.

KPH acquired a turn-of-the-century building in Milwaukee’s historic Walker’s Point neighborhood with our sites set on developing a mixed-use property. A tenant was secured for the upper level of this two-story building with a move-in date in three months. KPH managed the demolition and environmental remediation, including removal of an oil tank discovered during Phase 1 and another surprise tank after acquisition. The Design/Build project allowed the architect and tenant to work out solutions even after construction began.

The street level was developed into Black Sheep as a bar and restaurant, and white box was completed during the upper floor renovation. This two-tiered approach allowed our team to work effectively with City officials to anticipate and pass inspections each step of the way. The development included moving two staircases, modifying the exterior, fully restoring hardwood floors, beams, bead board ceilings and brick walls, adding a lower level kitchen and an elaborate venting system, and incorporating a new sprinkler system. Even a liquor license was secured in record time.

From acquisition to grand opening of two businesses in eight short months, South Second Street proves KPH understands that the sooner a commercial development is complete the faster you collect rent and earn revenue.

KPH and the project have been featured in several local news publications including The Business Journal, The Journal Sentinels: Tap and OnMilwaukee.com. Before opening day, the projects construction staff was invited to a thank you dinner and cocktail hour. Keith Harenda, KPH President and CEO, remains the owner of the building and Black Sheep.

KPH Construction hired as school district’s Owner’s Rep

April 3, 2015

KPH has been hired by the New Berlin School District as Owner’s Representative to manage up to $7 million of energy projects and up to $3 million in general facilities projects over the coming years. Our Energy and Infrastructure Project Services include:

  • Estimating and prioritizing infrastructure projects for Eisenhower High School and the entire New Berlin School District
  • Determining and coordinating best energy and infrastructure use of approximately $10 million in capital expenditures
  • Conducting the process to hire a design and construction team
  • Overseeing the complete construction process
  • School districts face challenging projects when it comes to facilities. As an Owner’s Rep, KPH can balance cost with long-range planning, functional design and quality construction to manage these complex endeavors.

     -Vice President of KPH’s Education Division, and former Elmbrook Schools Superintendent Dr. Matt Gibson