KPH’s work at the historic federal courthouse

Over the past ten years, KPH Construction has been honored to complete extensive work at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee. Our projects have encompassed the original courthouse building, constructed in 1890 and an addition constructed in 1920. Considering the age and significance of the buildings, KPH works with a team of Historic Preservationists who strive to maintain or restore public spaces to their original form. Because the courthouse is an active facility used every day for judicial proceedings, our work is carefully executed and designed to meet the modern needs of today’s federal government.”
Currently, KPH is managing two new projects. The first is a renovation of an existing 5th floor suite to provide a fully functional space for the Social Security Administration’s Cooperative Disability Investigation program. The selective demolition includes protection of historic elements and construction and extensive lead and asbestos abatement. In the end, KPH crews will restore the suite, complete with all the upgrades to make this historic space feel brand new.
The second project that KPH is poised and ready to start is the renovation of an existing 4th floor suite for the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General. The renovation will see the build out of an interview room, firearm storage, evidence rooms, and an open office space. The suite will have a robust security and intrusion detection system installed to protect the sensitive items and work being conducted in this office. With the use of modern technology and finishes, the occupants might easily forget they are working in a building well over one hundred years old.
Cleared at the highest levels of the federal government, KPH is proud to serve as a trusted contractor to the GSA.