KPH Repairs Structural Walls at Eisenhower Middle/High School

Working within a tight time frame to get the project completed with zero disruption to classrooms and teaching spaces, KPH Construction was hired to repair two sections of exterior walls at Eisenhower Middle/High School. The building’s North and East exterior walls were structurally failing, a serious risk to building integrity and occupant safety. The job required KPH to have extensive structural shoring in place to support the first floor and roof sections prior to the walls being removed. Once those were in place, the demolition and removal of the existing walls took place. A new wall was constructed to match existing construction but also incorporate more modern construction methods and structural support. 

The project scope included the temporary disconnect and reinstallation of vertical HVAC systems, electrical components and ceilings. New windows were also provided in the repaired wall sections along with exterior landscaping and other interior finishes such as painting and millwork were also included. KPH was able to get both wall sections down, new interior structural walls built, and classrooms opened back up completely in less than two months despite a few unexpected challenges. At the project’s completion, KPH was happy to be able to return money to the School District for unused scope allowances.