KPH Reclaims History on West Wells

KPH is currently in the midst of a complete renovation project at 2314 West Wells in Milwaukee. Once finished, the building will be utilized for apartments.

Built in 1908, the building is designated by the Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory as a historic property in the state of Wisconsin. More than 13,500 square feet, the apartment building contains nine total units, plus basement storage. 

KPH was contacted by Coalesce Development Group in December 2019 to take over the project that sat idle in the rough construction stage for months, after a prior firm was asked not to continue. Scope of work included general contracting and construction management. The project is expected to be completed in July 2020.

Watch the video here of the building transformation.

Work began quickly in January 2020, as the first few months onsite required numerous repairs to override previous systems and installations along with damages due to the space being unprotected for an extended period. With KPH helping to facilitate outstanding payments owed to original subcontractors, we were able to retain key contractors to complete the job.

The renovation included removing and replacing all 107 windows with brand new ones. Original wood floors that had been buried for years are currently being sanded and resurrected to form. Unique, original brick structure has been exposed and will be featured in the interior design. As for the exterior, repairs were made to the failing brick façade. Brand new electrical and gas services fortified previous lacking operations. Blue wall tile and classic penny-tile floors in the bathroom display a dash of vintage craftsmanship as well.