KPH Hired by Department of Military Affairs

KPH is queued up to replace 8 existing bi-fold hangar doors for the Department of Military Affairs in Madison, Wisconsin. The hangar to receive new doors specifically houses Black Hawk helicopters and other military support helicopters. The existing doors, installed in the 1950s, are 64’ wide by 24’ tall and in serious need of replacement. With work kicking off in April of 2020, the existing doors will be decommissioned, demolished, and hauled off for recycling and disposal. Each new door will receive a sheet metal siding exterior skin to match the current building while the interior face will receive insulated liner panels. The doors will have an integrated pedestrian access point complete with high-level security control measures. The project will also consist of interior structural rework to accommodate the new doors, including interior finishes such as painting and new epoxy flooring, as well as electrical rework and upgrades.

The project will take place on an active military installation and just off a fully active airfield. With decades of experience and clearance with the highest levels of the government, KPH is fully prepared for the close coordination and communication with the client to ensure safety and security measures to protect military personnel and workers.