KPH Construction hired as school district’s Owner’s Rep

KPH has been hired by the New Berlin School District as Owner’s Representative to manage up to $7 million of energy projects and up to $3 million in general facilities projects over the coming years. Our Energy and Infrastructure Project Services include:

  • Estimating and prioritizing infrastructure projects for Eisenhower High School and the entire New Berlin School District
  • Determining and coordinating best energy and infrastructure use of approximately $10 million in capital expenditures
  • Conducting the process to hire a design and construction team
  • Overseeing the complete construction process
  • School districts face challenging projects when it comes to facilities. As an Owner’s Rep, KPH can balance cost with long-range planning, functional design and quality construction to manage these complex endeavors.

     -Vice President of KPH’s Education Division, and former Elmbrook Schools Superintendent Dr. Matt Gibson