Creating Opportunities for New Berlin Students

The New Berlin School District has enlisted the KPH to create a unique café space at New Berlin West Middle/High School. This new café will be integrated into the existing Idea and Learning Center at the school and will provide students with a Starbucks-like experience right at their own campus.

The café will be utilized as a teacher-led program allowing students to plan menu items, run and organize the café, and serve fellow students throughout the school day.

KPH is taking advantage of a late school spring break to get the major demolition taken care of so once the school year ends, the project can begin in earnest. Demolition includes removing CMU walls, acoustical ceilings and existing flooring to open up the space and accommodate the new café. The rest of the project will consist of new LVT flooring throughout the area, a new storage area for the café, and build out of a new conference room/meeting area.