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Where Do Your Bullets Go At The Firing Range?

March 01, 2021
Wisconsin Firearms Training Center Clean Up

Have you ever shot a firearm or taken a firearm safety class? Did you ever wonder what happens to all those projectiles once they leave your firearm? KPH Environmental knows the answer and the solution to that.

Working with the Wisconsin Firearms Training Center, located at 12730 W. Burleigh Road in Brookfield, KPH Environmental was asked to perform a comprehensive cleaning of both ranges. Needing a comprehensive cleaning about twice a year, KPH Environmental separates the spent ballistics from the catch media. 

This process is accomplished by evacuating all the rubber catch material out of the bunker and then utilizing special equipment to vacuum the rubber media free from the heavier brass, copper and lead bullets. That clean rubber media is then placed back into the bunker to be in position to catch more bullets over the next six months.

Because of the toxic levels of lead present during the cleaning, safe operations must be taken seriously. KPH Environmental is certified to handle these conditions while protecting the workers and facility from any lead contamination. This is just another example of the wide range of specialized services offered by KPH Environmental.

Watch the entire clean up from start to finish right here!