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School District of New Berlin Gets New Repairs

July 01, 2021
School District of New Berlin Field House West

KPH recently completed two projects for the School District of New Berlin. The first project was to infill existing canopies at New Berlin West Middle & High School, and the second was to repair a damaged baseball storage shed. 

The project at New Berlin West Middle & High School is a continuation of a project that KPH initially completed in 2018. KPH was originally tasked with infilling the Performing Arts Center canopy to mitigate the nesting of birds and provide a maintenance-free solution to do so. The school district was so happy with the results of the project that they decided to infill the remaining canopies at this campus. It took some time for the district to have available funding, but once KPH got the call, we quickly responded and got the project started. The existing canopies were cleaned out and a new soffit system was installed. Some locations required the relocation of exterior lighting and KPH took advantage of the opportunity to provide the school with upgraded LED lights to replace the existing fixtures. The project was finished in a few weeks despite some pesky birds, and now the school has a clean, uniform look at their entrances without the worry of a dropping hitting you as you enter the building!

When the School District called stating that a vehicle had crashed into a storage shed and needed KPH’s help, we jumped into action. KPH provided to the school one of our skilled carpenters to not only perform the complete repair but to also resquare and reinforce the existing structure. The vehicle had created a hole in the side of the building, damaged various studs in the wall, and destroyed some internal shelving. Our carpenter skillfully removed the damaged material, reframed and resided the wall, and rebuilt the interior shelves.

KPH is proud to be a continued partner with the School District of New Berlin and providing services for them on any project, big or small.