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KPH Upgrades Windows at MWCC

February 22, 2021
Milwaukee Women's Correctional Center

KPH Construction has been awarded a project to upgrade the ballistic glass at the Milwaukee Women’s Correction Center, located at 615 West Keefe Avenue.

In an effort to protect and secure the Milwaukee Women’s Correctional Center, this project will replace the existing standard insulated glass and safety glass with updated Polycarbonate level 2 bullet resistant glazing material. About 113 of these individual framed glazing panels are to be installed around the premises, maximizing the safety of the property.

MWCC’s mission is to provide a safe and secure environment while offering services and opportunities to women learning viable work and life skills. We believe this project brings MWCC closer to that goal.

The work will be performed at and within the MWCC grounds starting in April.