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KPH Repairs Scrub-A-Dub Building After Roof Collapse

March 13, 2023
KPH Repairs Scrub-A-Dub Building After Roof Collapse

KPH Construction was contacted by Scrub-A-Dub in February of 2021 following an unexpected roof collapse in the facility’s main wash tunnel that occurred prior to normal business hours with nobody in the wash bay.

KPH immediately mobilized and worked to construct structural shoring and a temporary roof solution that allowed Scrub-A-Dub the ability to reopen for full operation less than three days after the initial collapse.

After performing a full building evaluation for structural repairs and operational upgrades, KPH had a narrow window of opportunity to shut down the facility and perform major repairs. KPH proceeded to demolish the old roof system along with the failing walls, which were the cause of the roof collapse. New structural framing and concrete block were installed, along with a new roof system.

KPH had overcome several challenges on this project, largely surrounding compressed timeframe to complete the project. KPH handled several change orders during this project, largely consisting of Engineer & Owner-directed changes that added more scope and subsequent time to the project. 

The reconstruction work was all accomplished in approximately two months to allow for Scrub-A-Dub to reopen in time for the busy winter season. With the building structurally sound and, more importantly, nobody harmed, Scrub-A-Dub was back and running for another successful winter this year.