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KPH Builds Team With New Member

February 22, 2021
KPH new member Ralph Agner headshot

KPH Construction is thrilled to announce the addition of Ralph Agner to our Construction Staff. Ralph joins KPH with a wealth of experience having been in Construction Project Management for 38 years. Ralph will primarily be responsible for KPH’s collaborative effort with Michels Construction and the Army Corps of Engineers in Kansas City, Kansas where KPH is handling the vertical construction aspects of the Argentine, Strong and Turner Pump Stations.  

Besides being a dedicated construction manager, Ralph does enjoy outdoor sports such as fishing and golfing and most interestingly, he serves as the “sweep” or “helmsman” on a Dragon Boat Team. A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft originating in China but can be found throughout Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands and Puerto Rico. For races, 18-20 people plus a drummer in the bow and a steersperson in the helm race against one another. Extreme canoeing! 

Ralph also loves spending time with his family including his 5 grandchildren.

KPH is so very grateful that Ralph has brought his experience and dedication to our team.