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If Lightning Strikes, KPH Ensures Volk Field is Prepared

October 01, 2020
Volk Field Hangar Door

KPH is set to upgrade Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) for Volk Field at Camp Douglas as part of the MATOC with the Wisconsin Air National Guard. The job kicked off in October 2020. 

The Wisconsin Air National Guard has turned to KPH to design-build new lightning protections systems for existing buildings as well as upgrade existing LPS currently in place. New LPS will be installed at an existing aircraft hangar facility along the base flight line. Existing LPS will be upgraded at the Hardwood Range Control Tower (the surface to air combat firing range) and at munitions storage buildings on base.

This project will work extensively around the munitions storage bunkers buried in the ground, to protect them from lightning strikes. Strict designated safety requirements are in place due to the potential blast impact in the rare instance that a detonation occurs.

The job will look to accomplish as much as possible this fall before taking a hiatus for winter. Completion is scheduled for May 2021. The project represents an ongoing relationship between KPH and the Wisconsin Air National Guard.