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Gaenslen Elementary School Has A New Library

March 12, 2023
MPS Gaenslen Elementary School Library

KPH Construction was hired by Performance Services, Inc., under the MPS ESSR III funds, to perform the turn-key renovation of the existing library at Gaenslen Elementary School.

Since 2016 school staff, volunteers and donors–including author James Patterson–have worked to design an inviting and accessible new library. KPH’s role was to completely overhaul the library, making years of design work become a reality.

As an aesthetic part of the renovation, KPH added a “night-sky” ceiling feature, wrapped columns with natural tree bark, and installed carpet patterns and colors to represent grass, sand, and water to mimic the Wisconsin Northwoods. New ceilings, a new entry, and electrical upgrades were also made to provide advanced technology features.

KPH overcame several challenges on the project. There were significant constraints in procuring the natural wood bark used to wrap the columns. Trees had to be a certain size and type and could only be harvested during a specific time. Once the material arrived, KPH creatively installed the sheet of bark on the columns so they looked like actual trees. The project timeline was also abridged in order to complete construction over the summer months when school was not in session.

The project was completed in October 2022 and unveiled to great fanfare at an MPS event and press conference. This library will serve as an engaging learning environment for Gaenslen Elementary School for years to come.