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2023 Project Update

April 10, 2023
KPH Construction

2023 has been a busy year so far, with new projects kicking off for a number of long-standing KPH customers. 

128th Air Refueling Wing POL Facility Replacement 

KPH is partnering with Nova Group to complete all vertical construction for a fuel facility and storage replacement at the 128th Air Refueling Wing. KPH will construct a pump house, operations building, and various large canopy structures while Nova handles the site work and fuel utilities. As the project was about to mobilize, the site was found to be contaminated with large amounts of PFAS and other kinds of soil contamination. KPH was able to quickly respond and is set to start testing, sampling, and reporting so that our crews can lead the effort to make sure the site is remediated appropriately. 

Milwaukee Public Schools 
MPS continues to turn to KPH for several projects to improve its facilities for the state’s largest school system. These include:

  • Gaenslen Elementary School Office Renovation – KPH is building an updated, more visible entrance along with finish upgrades throughout. 
  • Burdick School Improvements - KPH will be providing the General Trades, Electrical, and Site Supervision Scope to oversee new door systems, masonry rework, carpentry and electrical upgrades.
  • Obama High School and Vincent High School Improvements - KPH will replace all exterior doors, providing temporary  enclosures to ensure that the school stays fully secure throughout the project. 

Truax Field / 115th Fighter Wing in Madison

To support the F35 mission at the 115th Fighter Wing, KPH will be reconstructing and adding additional parking space for the R-11 fueling tankers. Our work consists of concrete pavement and asphalt installation, a new gate, utility adjustments and restoration.

In addition, KPH will renovate and modify the existing F-16 Engine Shop to support the F-35 JSF Beddown. Modifications include a new 7-ton gantry crane at the exterior, 5-ton bridge crane on the interior within the maintenance bay, renovating the NDI lab, and renovating restroom areas. The project also contains significant amounts of Lead and Asbestos that KPH Environmental will remediate.