School upgrades to address today’s modern education

KPH Construction recently completed the Media Center at New Berlin Eisenhower High School. The project is part of KPH’s Owner’s Representative contract for the School District of New Berlin to manage up to $3 million in general facilities and $7 million of energy projects.

The Media Center completely upgraded the high school’s much-used library to offer functional work spaces, modern media stations with easy access to AV equipment and private desk areas all in an effort to meet the needs of today’s mobile and highly connected students. KPH’s work included painting, hardware and door frames, contemporary carpeting, bathroom accessories and improved lighting. Now complete, the new Media Center gives Eisenhower one of the finest facilities for its students.

Next up is KPH’s work for New Berlin West High School. As part of the contract, KPH will remodel the school’s Café, Library and Rotunda, from demolition, plumbing, mechanicals, and electrical, to new construction, finishes and appliances. For the new IT Help area, KPH will redesign and remodel the IT Offices and IT Storage.

As an alum of New Berlin Eisenhower, KPH owner and CEO Keith Harenda is particularly proud of the work his company is doing. “It feels great to improve the schools that gave me a good start in life.”