KPH renovates Police Administration Building while remaining open

Scenes of a bustling police department proliferate movies and TV shows and are common to all of us, but actually managing a major construction project while officers continue to work is quite another.

Such was the case when KPH Construction managed renovation of the entire 4th floor of the Police Administration Building in downtown Milwaukee. The project included new offices for Police Chiefs, new open offices for detectives and officers, new interrogation and questioning rooms, a new evidence packaging and drying area, and several new conference rooms. The project involved extensive electrical and data upgrades, a completely new HVAC system, integration into the building automation system, new energy-efficient windows and upgraded termal insulation of the exterior walls.

From complete demolish and environmental abatement to finish carpentry, millwork and furniture installation, KPH managed all facets of the project.

“The main challenge was coordination of materials and manpower in a crowded downtown location. There was little room for material storage within the 10-story building which was fully operational during construction,” said Keith Harenda. “Our crew also encountered unforeseen asbestos which they are trained to do. This required partial and even full shut down of the project to properly remediate.”

In order to avoid significant delays, KPH coordinated phasing to keep the project on track.

“We’re proud of the work completed that few people see but in a building that is so vital to keeping our community safe,” added Harenda.