KPH launches Education Division

To meet the needs for facilities improvements and expansion within the education sector, KPH Construction has launched an Education Division led by a school superintendent of more than 30 years. Matthew Gibson, Ph.D. understands the importance that school facilities play in any community. Today, he brings our customers the experience of a seasoned veteran with a history of strategic planning. Matt has worked with all segments of communities and school district on facilities planning and the referenda processes.

We wanted to offer customers both initial support and a long-term partnership.

“School districts today are challenged with facilities decisions that can include renovation, new construction, sale of buildings and recommendations on the future use of district property. The goal in educational facilities is to balance cost with long-range planning, functional design, quality construction and communication,” said KPH president and CEO Keith Harenda. Executed well, the result improves learning environments and operational efficiencies. “But the task can be daunting,” added Harenda, a former Waukesha County Supervisor who understands the process first hand. “So we wanted to offer customers both initial support and a long-term partnership.”

To learn how we can bring expertise to your school district, contact Matt Gibson at matt.gibson@kphconstruction.com