KPH improvements at Boxhorn Gun Club

Tradesmen and sportsmen are often one and the same, cut from the same cloth. KPH Construction is no exception to these complementary passions, home to both talented construction professionals and avid sportsmen, alike. Which is why when Boxhorn Gun Club reached out for help in constructing their new 5-Stand Trailer, KPH answered the call.

In the spring of 2017, Boxhorn witnessed the destruction of their existing 5-stand trailer due to a tornado that ripped through the Muskego area. Since then, Boxhorn has bounced back and restored its facility. However, due to overwhelming popularity, a second trailer was needed.

To date, KPH has donated over 40 hours and thousands of dollars to assist in improvements such as the construction of a second trailer, which came on line this past February. KPH is proud to partner with Boxhorn Gun Club, its members, and our community of fellow conservationists and sportsmen.